A Special Visit To Slover – Rogers Cottage 

The Slover – Rogers Cottage gets a special visit from its creator and namesake John Slover’s three great–grandchildren. They are the great-grandchildren from Slover and his first wife May Frances Firman. Their mother, Martha, was the second youngest daughter of Slover’s daughter Nettie and her third husband, Mr. Haupt.

The great-grandchildren, Mildred Damet from Oklahoma, Georgia Funkhauser from Wyoming, and Richard Gordon from Dallas along with his wife Imelda visited the cottage and brought the Alvin Museum Society some Slover family photos to help give more detail to this historic home.

As they toured the home they were able to go over the stories they had heard from their childhood as well as view some items they have never seen before that Slover created.

Slover was born in 1834 and had many great adventures before settling in Brazoria County in 1884. He bought the property off East Dumble street to build this home after hearing there were plans to build a college south of this location. The home was built from materials that had been salvaged from homes lost to a hurricane. The home is thought to be a great example of Victorian-style architecture and throughout the home, guests can see the amazing woodworking skill Slover possessed.

For those interested in a tour they can contact the Alvin Museum Society at (281) 331-4469