2024 Alvin Foodie Trail Map graphic

Welcome to the Alvin Foodie Trail!

Local restaurants you're sure to love!

Visit Alvin has teamed up with several restaurants in the area to highlight the amazing local food establishments Alvin has to offer. Dig in and discover how different chefs give local dishes their own special twist. Satisfy your curiosity and specific craving on the Alvin Foodie Trail. Calories don’t count on vacation, right?

What is a Foodie Trail title

A “Foodie Trail” highlights unique restaurants to an area that are inspired by an area’s history, culture, or environment. It allows people to learn about a town through it’s locals love of the cuisine. Plus, it can make planning trips easier if you are new to a city. You don’t have to search the internet for all the best local places, just take a look at the foodie trail.  Even though Alvin is on the smaller side, there is still plenty of delicious food and amazing people to meet along the Alvin Foodie Trail.

Where can I pickup a stamp card title

All participating restaurants should have an Alvin Foodie Stamp Card available. If for some reason one of the participating restaurants do not have a stamp card, you can pick up an Alvin Foodie Trail Stamp Card at the Alvin Visitor Center located at Alvin City Hall, 216 W Sealy Street.

How do the stamps work title Alvin Foodie Tail

You will present the Alvin Foodie Trail Stamp Card to any restaurant you visit on the trail and receive a stamp. When will then take your stamped card to the Alvin Visitor Center located in the Alvin City Hall, 216 W Sealy Street, to receive Visit Alvin prizes. You must have at least two stamps on the trail before you can receive any prizes.

Check out these Videos of the Alvin Foodie Trail